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We believe in the power of the Community, we are motivated by Compassion, and seek lasting transformative Change. We work in communities across the wider Wellington region with all ages and needs.

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The ‘Making Change’  video features stories of Porirua people who participated in an eight week Good Cents course.


Family Start Xmas Picnic 2014 2

We are continually learning how creative and capable people are and how we in Wesley Community Action can help bring this out in people.

This newsletter provides some snap-shots of the many positive things that are happening.

Wesley Community Action ENews – Dec 2014

Matt & Mux

For many years we have provided emergency food parcels through our Cannons Creek community centre, and even in relatively ‘good’ economic times we were surprised to see demand constantly increasing.

Recently as we have focused more of supporting people in the community to come up with their own solutions we have seen the demand for emergency food parcels  fall to pre 2010 levels while participants have gained new skills and confidence.

Read more; Cannons Creek Community Pantry update – December 2014.


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