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We believe in the power of the Community, we are motivated by Compassion, and seek lasting transformative Change. We work in communities across the wider Wellington region with all ages and needs.

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Client led quality improvement workhops
25, 26 & 27 March 2015.

If you and your organisation believe in treating clients with dignity and respect and want to dramatically improve the quality and impact of your services, then these workshops are for you.

These workshops are a collaboration between Wesley Community Action and SSPA (Social Service Providers Association).



Young people are in state care through no fault of their own. Somehow we have got to a point where people are quick to judge young people in foster care, but they are the innocent victims of sometimes horrific abuse and neglect. Our government is responsible for young people in state care, and we as members of the community also have a role to play in making sure that they have the support they need to thrive” – Moira Lawler, Lifewise General Manager

Wesley Community Action is proud to be a part of this campaign. If you haven’t signed yet please consider. We think the time is right to achieve this change.

Wesley’s WATCH initiative operates out of Porirua District Court to provide intensive support to prevent young offenders going to prison. Previously under threat of closure due to funding cuts,  a recent reprieve from funders and the introduction of new client led monitoring systems, has revitalised WATCH and achieved some great results.


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